Ethiopian Airlines adds 777-9 to its fleet

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s leading airline, has just reached a major milestone in its ambitious expansion and modernization strategy. By placing an order for eight Boeing 777-9 aircraft, the company positions itself as the first operator of this model on the African continent. This recent acquisition is a continuation of its policy of fleet renewal and international network expansion.

The air carrier, which has already marked its history with substantial orders from Boeing, including deliveries of 11 787 type aircraft and 20 737 MAX type aircraft, continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence and innovation. This new order for the Boeing 777-9, an air giant renowned for its performance and efficiency on long-haul flights, will allow the company from the Central African country to offer an improved travel experience on strategic connections such as the road linking Addis Ababa to Seattle.

The adoption of the 777-9 by the Ethiopian national airline is not only a question of increasing capacity. It also reflects the company’s long-term vision to have one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the world. With a clear objective of reaching 270 modern aircraft by 2035 and serving 210 international destinations, the national carrier is charting its course towards the future with determination and ambition.

This step forward aligns with the company’s overall goals for sustainability and operational performance. By choosing the Boeing 777-9, Ethiopian Airlines is banking on advanced technology which promises a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, in line with current ecological challenges. Furthermore, this acquisition will help strengthen the airline’s position as a leader in the African market and a major player in the global aviation industry.