Transport of strollers by plane? What are the Ethiopian Airlines regulations

Having a stroller with you when traveling can be very useful throughout your stay and become a good ally. Therefore, his choice is all the more important. Here is some information to help you get ready to take the plane with our stroller.

No matter where you are going, a light and compact stroller is the key to getting around easily and above all to simplifying access to smaller places (restaurants, taxis, crowded sidewalks, hotel rooms, etc.).

In the hold or in the cabin?
The stroller can be dropped off at the check-in counter or it will follow you to the boarding gate.
And where to get it?

To pick up our stroller at the end of a flight, just ask an Ethiopian Airlines agent when exiting the plane to advise you on where you can pick up your stroller. Usually, it can be retrieved when getting off the aircraft, on the gangway.

If the stroller comes out at the baggage carousel, don't forget to check the fragile or oversized items section - it's most likely hiding there.

Stroller in the cabin?

On Ethiopioian Airlines flights, infants traveling without a reservation (that is, traveling on their parents' lap) are entitled to a foldable stroller in the cabin.

You must in fact take care to check the dimensions of your airline's hand luggage (Baggage Page Link) before deciding whether or not you are carrying a stroller in the cabin or in the hold.

Check your stroller on arrival

Remember to inspect your device upon arrival. Unfortunately, breakages can happen. If this is the case, you will have to go to our airline's claims counter to fill out a report before leaving the airport.

Courtesy strollers at the airport
Some airports, such as Changi in Singapore or Lisbon, provide extra strollers on arrival for families, whereas strollers are usually found at the baggage carousel.

On some flights at the airport, a stroller is offered to each passenger traveling with an infant, upon exiting the aircraft, from the lift which brings back carry-on baggage which may be too big to fit in. plane and which left in the hold at the last minute.

Check the size, weight and dimensions of your stroller

For large or two-piece strollers, they usually need to be checked in at the counter and put in the hold for space constraints. For example when the flight is full or when the device used is of smaller size.

Usually, the Ethiopian company accepts a stroller and car seat free of charge for babies under 2 years old. The parent can also bring an extra baby bag containing what is needed for the duration of the flight, in addition to their standard cabin baggage. For a child over two years of age, in addition to their permitted baggage allowance, a stroller and car seat are accepted free of charge.

It is very important to validate the standards established by Ehtiopian Airlines on this subject, but all agree to favor compact strollers such as umbrella or cane.

To do this, you must contact their customer service for any important information regarding the transport of your stroller in the cabin or with your checked baggage.