Flight Pass by Ethiopian Airlines

Flight Pass: Your solution to travel the world differently
You want to travel on the go and don't want to have to retrace your steps to catch the plane home? Find out how to find a cheap multi-destination flight with Ethiopian Airlines multi-destination feature.

Multi-destinations flight: What's this ?

In an effort to build customer loyalty, most airlines sell one-way / one-way tickets at high prices, sometimes more than the cost of a round trip.

Yes, you read that right, sometimes it costs less to take a one way ticket and a return trip! To travel without breaking the bank, it is best to book a return trip.

If you plan to take an itinerant trip (for example going to Southeast Asia for a month), booking a round trip requires you to retrace your steps at the end of your stay, which is a bit of a shame.

If you want to travel on the go without breaking the bank in one-way / one-way purchases, there is a solution: find a multi-destination plane ticket. This will allow you to:

- Book flights from different destinations. For example, you can go from Paris to Los Angeles on the outward journey and from New York to Paris on the return.

- Book more than two flights during your trip. For example, you can book a flight between Paris and Los Angeles, then from Los Angeles to New York, then from New York to Paris. To use a multi-destination flight comparator, you will see, it is extremely simple.

This method is particularly well thought out for all of you who wish to travel around the world. Indeed, you can add as many flights as you want with the multi-destination function. So you can organize your world tour in just a few clicks, all you have to do is find your accommodation.

The airline company Ethiopian Airlines offers a new product, Flight Pass, which allows travel on several air links at fixed and reduced prices. Passengers can choose between several travel options when booking their flights and this service (by selecting flight pass option). The service is available to anyone who wishes to fly with Ethiopian Airlines, whether or not they travel regularly on its planes. The Flight Pass, which is valid for two years, consists of an unlimited number of flights, and valid for travel on the entire Ethiopian airline network.

Developed in partnership with Optiontown, Flight Pass allows you to travel at favorable rates, and the ShebaMiles Membership card offers many advantages. Reservations can be made through the Ethiopian Airlines mobile app. If you're planning on spending the night in Addis Ababa, consider the beautiful Skylight Hotel which is just five minutes from the airport.

On Optiontown, future passengers can choose between Economy class and Business class offers.

The offer unveiled by Ethiopian allows unlimited travel between airports in destinations in its network. Passengers can benefit from discounts of up to 50% on certain air routes.
With this service, the carrier of the African country offers the possibility of making reservations but paying only 20% in advance, and of modifying or canceling the reservation up to two hours before the flight. It can be used to book up to 4,500 flights in 24 months.

Going around the world requires long preparations! The first thing to do is to determine your destinations and therefore, which plane ticket to use during your round the world trip.

Making a single trip to multiple destinations involves crossing thousands of kilometers in all regions of the world. You can choose to travel by car, on foot, on the back of a camel (why not?) But the easiest and fastest way is to fly from country to country. For this you have the option of using the Ethiopian Airlines Flightpass formula.

The price of this plane ticket is based on the number of miles flown (4 levels of distance possible)
You can make between 2 and 15 stopovers during your trip. The maximum number is determined according to the type of ticket you choose.