Flight schedules Arrivals / Departures

23rd February 2024 | Addis-Ababa Bole International Airport

Find out about the departure and arrival times for flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa Bole Airport (IATA: ADD, ICAO: HAAB). It is important when booking a plane ticket to plan your schedule well, it is essential to choose the perfect flight in terms of schedules, the flight duration is to be taken into account, but the departure times and arrival are especially important for the management of transfers and reception in accommodation structures such as hotels.

Check the take-off and landing times for Ethiopian Airlines planes

It is important to understand the schedule of a flight. The time difference and the stopover time are obviously to be taken into account. When searching for a plane ticket on the African airline's website, the displayed plane schedule corresponds to the local time of the location where the plane will take off. So it is normal that the duration of a flight does not correspond to the difference between the time of departure and the time of arrival with the time differences.

Understanding the flight schedule display system is really important, especially if you need to land before a specific time in the destination country. Stopover times are also taken into account in flight schedules.

Take into consideration the check-in time at the airport

Upon arrival at the departure or return airport, the passenger must go to the check-in counter to validate their electronic ticket in order to be able to board the aircraft.

The check-in counters generally close an average of one hour before boarding which corresponds to the time indicated on the electronic ticket, however this period may vary depending on the destination or the airline. It is best to check with Ethiopian Airlines in advance to ensure check-in times before boarding. It is generally necessary to allow two hours before boarding airplanes for long-haul or international flights, and one hour for domestic or medium-haul flights (For example, within the European Union).

Access on board may be refused if you arrive late at the check-in desk even if the plane is scheduled to depart one hour after your arrival. Boarding times have been extended for groups, unaccompanied children, passengers with reduced mobility and travelers accompanied by an animal; they must arrive between thirty minutes and an additional hour before the check-in deadline.

If ever a delay is caused on an Ethiopian Airlines flight before its departure from Addis Ababa Bole
If the delay problem comes from the airport, the ground staff will always do their best to maintain departure times. In the event of a delay or cancellation, you will be notified directly by the display screens in the airport, but also in most cases by e-mail and by telephone. In this case the airport will redirect you to another flight with priority access.