Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class: Comfort at a price that suits you

Like many passengers, you always book your plane ticket in economy class. But have you ever wondered what the other classes are? Economy class, premium class, business class, first class … We take stock of the differences in the services of each one. So which class will you choose on your next plane trip?

Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class is the most popular class for travelers because it is the cheapest option. Its comfort and services are therefore rudimentary compared to the upper classes. Although companies are improving the comfort of this class more and more, its seats are generally not very pleasant: the inclination is very low, the legroom (space between the seats) is relatively narrow, the armrest must be shared with its neighbour … Space is therefore limited and the possibilities to move are limited. On the service side, economy class offers nothing special. At the airport, the passenger must take care of himself. In the plane, the cabin crew are responsible for serving meals and drinks only: this is the bare minimum.

Low-cost airlines usually only offer one class, their service and comfort is inferior to the economy class of conventional airlines such as Ethiopian.

This travel class is the most popular since, as the name suggests, it is economical. Preferred by budget travelers, economy class differs depending on the airline. Thus, we can benefit from a seat width varying from 41 to 52 cm. As for the space available for the legs, it varies between 71 and 81 cm. The same goes for equipment. Some operators provide power outlets, individual screens (especially for long-haul flights), serve snacks, meals and drinks while others charge for the same services.
In general, the economy class on board the aircraft of this carrier has evolved well. She’s not that bad. However, the commute can be difficult for tall or overweight people. To overcome this lack of comfort, more and more airlines are offering an intermediate class that is a little more expensive and more comfortable than the economy class: the premium class. The difference? The space dedicated to the legs is greater and the advantages are more numerous (priority access to boarding, more varied choices for meals, etc.).

Enjoy absolute comfort aboard the Premium Economy class

Premium Economy class, commonly known as “Comfort Economy” or “Deluxe Economy”, is an intermediate class between Economy and Business class. Originally created for SME executives, this class aims to offer better comfort and better service at a reasonable price, that is to say lower than that of the business class. Its main advantages: a more comfortable seat with better positions and more space, a larger individual screen, electrical outlets, a larger and more gourmet meal.

A ticket in Premium Economy class costs 10 to 30% more than in economy class. Be careful, however, if you want to experience this feeling of luxury, be aware that this class does not exist on all flights served by the Ethiopian operator.