Ethiopian Airlines: Fleet expansion to meet 2035 targets

Ethiopian Airlines plans to sign several mega orders for hundreds of planes. Ethiopia’s national carrier aims to reach two hundred and seventy aircraft in its fleet by the year 2035. At the same time, Ethiopian Airlines wants to expand its international flight network to reach two hundred destinations in total over the next thirteen years,… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines is back in Tigray

Ethiopian Airlines is focusing its efforts on reopening many of its domestic flights canceled over the past two months, whether due to the pandemic or the civil war that broke out twenty-four months ago. These domestic flights will soon begin. All that remains is to complete the final preparations to announce the official return of… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines serves more flights between Manchester and Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Airlines has strengthened its position in the air bridge linking Bole from Addis Ababa and Manchester. Ethiopia’s national carrier has even announced connections between the two airports. The Ethiopian airline has been serving four weekly connections between the two destinations since the end of the previous month. It flies from Manchester to the airport… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines boosts capacity in Zurich

Ethiopian Airlines has increased the frequency of its services from Zurich Airport. The African national carrier now connects the Swiss airport to sixty four destinations in Africa including Addis Ababa. The new connections inaugurated by the main air carrier of Ethiopia are supposed to offer its customers more travel opportunities between Zurich and several destinations… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines connects Nigeria to Barbados

Ethiopian Airlines served its first flight a few days ago between Abudja in Nigeria and Barbados in the Caribbean. This is a historic event for the Ethiopian airline which therefore landed for the first time in its history at an airport in a Caribbean destination. This flight was taken by 135 passengers, as Ethiopian Airlines… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines: Its revenue increased by 90%

Ethiopian Airlines recorded rising revenues during the period of June 2021 and July 2022. Despite rising fuel prices and major disruptions to the air transport sector due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ethiopia’s national carrier has posted a positive balance sheet with a turnover of five billion dollars to generate a net profit of nine hundred… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines: Acquisition of three 767-300ER

Ethiopian Airlines has announced that it has reinforced its fleet with three 767-300ER model aircraft. The planes are acquired on lease from Titan Aircraft Investments, and will be reconfigured to be operated in the cargo activities of the Ethiopian company. The carrier from the Central African country has announced and affirmed that its first aircraft… Read More »

Air Algerie plans to open a direct line between Algiers and Addis Ababa

The airline Air Algérie plans to open a dicert line to serve Ethiopia. The national air carrier is barely regaining its pre-health crisis pace and is also discussing several opportunities to capture new African air markets. Air Algérie has announced its intention to soon open direct flights to Addis Ababa from Algiers-Houari Boumdien, the airport… Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines will fly to Bulawayo in autumn

Ethiopian Airlines announces its departure to Bulawayo. Zimbabwe City is the newest destination joining the African airline giant’s network in October. As part of its program set up to strengthen its flights during the fall season, Ethiopian Airlines intends to offer regular flights to the Zimbabwean city knowing that it serves two other destinations in… Read More »