Upgrade to Ethiopian Airlines: Here are the solutions to fly in Business class

Who has never dreamed of being upgraded on a plane? Traveling in First or Business class offers particularly significant advantages during a long haul.

Ethiopian Airlines provide you with several solutions and tips to enjoy 5-star air comfort while traveling in its CloudNine class, without breaking the bank?

Be faithful

Joining the Ethiopian company's loyalty program is very beneficial. Thanks to the miles accumulated, you will be able to access a higher class more easily. Note that in the event of overbooking, you will be one of the first passengers to be upgraded.

Get to the airport early

Arriving early can be a profitable strategy to upgrade. At the check-in desk, the company will be able to offer you the remaining seats in the higher classes. She will be more inclined to do so if you are on your honeymoon, for example.

Travel during off-peak periods

Public holidays, Christmas holidays, summer vacations ... During these periods, the upper classes are not taken over by businessmen. This will maximize your chance of being upgraded and accessing VIP lounges.

Choose your flight days wisely

Again, avoid times when business people are traveling. So avoid Monday mornings, Thursdays and Friday mornings and evenings. Instead, go on Wednesdays or weekends in the middle of the day.

Request a paid upgrade

Airlines including Ethiopian Airlines still hope to fill their planes to the maximum. Thus, before the end of the check-in, they sometimes sell off the price of higher-class seats. Do not hesitate to request the price of an upgrade before you board.

Ethiopian Airlines is thinking of you

Ethiopian Airlines has launched a new upgrade modernization process for Business Breakage: customers can now compete for this service 24 hours before a flight.

This operator offers you an opportunity to upgrade to Business class using SHEBAMILES points, earned and collected during their various trips on EA's flights (of course, they must first be enrolled in its rewards program).

Put the cabin crew in their pocket

Note also that if the staff has the choice between two customers, the friendliest and most courteous will be preferred. Normal.

Flight attendants and flight attendants will prioritize those who request it in a very polite manner, but especially those who do not request it at all. When someone is rude, complains about the lack of space and demands a place in business, the custom is to outclass their seat neighbor.

Choose a busy flight

To possibly have a chance to be upgraded, some play the game of overbooking. Very regular flights with very popular routes are generally very busy.

Airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines tend to overbook on Friday evenings for flights to major European cities and on Monday mornings for long-haul Addis Ababa-New York.