Animals transport with Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines allows your pets to travel with you under certain conditions.
Be aware, however, that on certain types of aircraft or for certain destinations, the transport of animals may be limited or even prohibited.

What are the conditions imposed by this carrier?

To fly with an animal on an Ethiopian Airlines flight (each passenger can only travel with one animal), it is important to contact the airline's customer service. He will be able to give you information to make sure that the type of plane you are going to take and the destination to which you will be going allow the transport of your animal. It is then possible to make your reservation and that of your animal simultaneously.

Transport of pets in the cabin and in the hold

At Ethiopian Airlines, to transport your cat and / or your dog in the cabin, it must weigh less than 8 kg. Service dogs, regardless of their weight, are allowed on board. Air France only accepts animals at least 8 weeks old and requires compliance with several conditions:

- The bag in which the animal is transported must be sufficiently ventilated and allow it to stand up and turn around;
In the Economy cabin, the bag must be able to slip into the space under the seat in front of you;

- The animal must not under any circumstances leave its container during the flight;

- One animal per bag and per passenger;

- The bag in which your pet is traveling is considered additional chargeable baggage.

Pets allowed in the cabin (subject to customer service agreement) are dogs or cats whose weight does not exceed 8 kg (maximum bag size 46 x 28 x 24 cm included). The bag in which the animal travels must be sufficiently ventilated and allow your animal to get up and turn around (knowing that it will not be allowed to leave it during the entire flight) and it must be able to be placed in the space under the seat. In addition, the animal must be at least 10 weeks old and have its vaccines up to date (its health record must attest to this). For flights on French territory, the minimum age required is 8 weeks (Guyana being the exception, your animal must be 15 weeks old).

Animals weighing more than 8 kg must be transported in the hold and be at least 15 weeks old.

Special case: transporting an animal by freight

There are cases in which your pet must necessarily be transported by freight if:
- Your animal and its cage weigh more than 32 kg
- The cage size is over 110cm (50 + 40 + 20) or 45 inches (L + W + H). On certain types of devices.
- Your pet is not traveling on the same flight as you.
- Your pet is traveling to a country whose authorities only allow the transport of pets as freight.
- To transport your animal as freight, you will need to contact a specialized freight agent.

Regarding the price, transporting your pet will cost you:
120 € for all international flights
304 € for all international flights (in case the weight of the animal is between 8 and 32kg)
82 € on all domestic connections (connecting the interior cities of the country)