Business / Corporate Travel: Explore the Ethiopian Airlines Program

If you're a travel manager for an international company, your days are probably never the same. Someday your sales manager needs to send his team from Addis Ababa to Paris by plane, for a full service meeting. The next day, the executive assistant to the vice president, wants to book a flight to another city in Europe or Asia? How to organize each of these trips? Chances are your managers will have different needs depending on the route and the expectations of their travelers. These nuances can impact the design and function of a global business travel program.

The motto "Think global, act local" takes on its full meaning in the context of managing business travel for an international company. Your employees live in places with cultural nuances and unique travel habits. Whether they are traveling to a nearby city or abroad, they want a seamless and locally relevant travel experience. A travel program that takes into account local differences and what travelers want helps make business travel a positive experience. Your business has everything to gain: the more satisfied your travelers are, the more they will respect your travel policy.

For the good of the business, it would be best to choose a flight with an airline that offers attractive prices and schedules. The more choices you have about flight schedules, the more productive traveling employees will be.

That's why your global travel program should include flexible transportation solutions. By offering your travelers good travel plans, you can optimize your travel expenses while strengthening compliance with your travel policy and guaranteeing everyone a quality travel experience.

One platform for all your travel programs from Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airlines understands that a global travel program cannot please everyone. That's why it has developed a business travel platform hosting a global travel program that takes into account local preferences and standards.
The airline helps you make sure your travelers have access to the right type of booking, and enables you to provide them with the right level of assistance when traveling on its planes, locally and globally. The members of his team speak the language of your employees, literally. Its Customer Service agents are located in several countries and speak more than five different languages.

To facilitate reservations, its platform displays prices in a variety of local currencies. The units of measurement also reflect local customs.

For companies wishing to book multiple plane trips, Ethiopian Airlines has created online booking tools to simplify electronic ticket booking. The African company has developed a growing network of partners and suppliers both globally and locally, in order to meet all the needs of our travelers. Its network covers more than thousands of cities located in more than 150 countries to offer relevant options to its professional clients.

By working with a large number of international companies, she has seen how the fact of locating her offers helps her clients to strengthen compliance with their travel policy. If you provide your business travelers with suitable, familiar and economical local booking options, they will prioritize those options. Implementing local nuances translates into greater consistency in bookings, no matter where your travelers are.

Any company with an annual budget of $ 50,000 has the option of signing up for the Ethiopian Airlines business travel program. All inquiries should be sent to the following email address: