Changing the booking of a plane ticket with Ethiopian Airlines

Can you change your flight after checking in online?
We haven't left yet, but the budget is already depleted ... It is often the impression that travelers have when it comes time to buy plane tickets. The catch: the best deal on the internet isn't necessarily the best option for long-haul travelers. Before going to the cash register, especially virtual, vigilance is essential, some aspects to pay attention to for better savings ... and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Ethiopian Airlines has unveiled a new paid service, which allows travelers to change their reservation after checking in online.

Passengers of the Ethiopian company can now change their flight details, be it date or name, even if they have already checked in online. Two conditions, however: it must be done through the Ethiopian company's reservation center, and until the day before the scheduled trip (be careful of the opening hours of the plants if you are in a region with a significant jet lag).

Generally speaking, Ethiopian Airlines or other airlines do not accept passenger changes after purchasing the ticket. You should know that the reduced fares offered on regular lines are subject to restrictive conditions in the event of a change, the lower the fare, the more restrictive the conditions. In general, therefore, discounted tickets cannot be changed.

However, if this is possible, please be aware that we apply a processing fee of € 30 for any modification request (penalty). For more details, see our general conditions of sale.

What if you got the wrong date / time? Is your name not written correctly on your plane ticket?

Contact the company as soon as possible (Page Service Client), so that its agencies can check with the conditions linked to your ticket and the terms. Otherwise, you can go to your Manage my Reservation (Page Gérer ma Réservation) customer area, if you have the possibility to make the necessary changes to your reservation.
If the change is possible, Ethiopian Airlines will communicate the amount of the charge and a new plane ticket will be sent to you.

Until what date can you change my ticket?
It depends on the conditions of your ticket, contact your carrier and they will check the terms with you.

How to modify your ticket?

- Before leaving
You must check if your ticket is changeable. Ethiopian Airlines advisers will let you know the amount of the charge and a new plane ticket will be sent to you.
- After the departure
You must contact the airline who will check if your ticket is changeable, they will make a new reservation and a new ticket.

Can a friend benefit from your ticket if you do not leave?

As the tickets are nominative, tickets issued in the name of a passenger are not transferable to another person.

Ethiopian Airlines has launched a flexible service when booking airline tickets by choosing certain fares. Thus, customers can modify their reservation as many times as they wish (without additional modification costs).
This option allows them to modify their information (last names, first names, date of birth, etc.), the dates, times and itinerary of their flight, via the Manage Reservation section.

Only the possible difference in the price of the ticket which will be invoiced by the African airline company.
The operator of Ethiopia Airlines has already said the new service would be particularly useful for frequent travelers and business travelers who want to change their flight plan.

Plan for changes before booking your plane ticket

The days of open tickets, with no return date set in advance, are over. Today's long-haul travelers choose an approximate return date ... and budget for a date change.
Before buying the plane ticket, it is therefore necessary to ensure that this change is possible and, if so, at what price.

Change fees vary depending on the price of the ticket booked and the destination.

Avoid bogus spending (fee / penalty)

On paper, some good plans seem flawless. In reality, they can cause big trouble, and cost a fortune.
Buy two tickets separately, without allowing enough time between the two flights. Example: buy an Addis Ababa-Paris ticket with Ethiopian Airlines then a Paris-Rome ticket with another carrier. If a strike, storm or mechanical breakdown causes enough delay to miss the connection, the second ticket is lost, so no airline will take responsibility for the missed flight.

The validity of airline tickets can also give headaches to uninformed globetrotters. Each ticket issued is valid for a fixed period, generally one, three, six or twelve months. Beyond this period, the ticket is expired. And very low-priced tickets often have a very short validity period.

Careless travelers also sometimes forget that the length of stay in foreign territory has limits. In Europe, for example, an Ethiopian citizen cannot spend more than 90 days in the territory without holding a work visa.