Manage my booking / reservation: Make the necessary changes to your online reservation

View your Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket reservation and print your e-ticket? This service is available for all scheduled flights operated by the Ethiopian company. The reservation code can be found in the confirmation email.

Modify your reservation: What does it consist of?

We recommend that all passengers carry out two essential operations before their departure: confirm your reservation with the airline.

It is essential to check the status of the flight at least 24 hours before departure and immediately before heading to the airport.

Changing an airline ticket, be it date, name or route, is possible when traveling on an Ethiopian Airlines route, depending on the specific terms of use of each airline. These changes are always billed according to the carrier's price list.

Some basic rules for invoicing changes to a ticket

- Change of date for a flight: fees are charged for each passenger and for each segment, to which may be added a fare difference which will be applied for each passenger.

- Passenger name change: a fee may be charged for each name changed and for each segment, to which may be added a fare difference that will be applied for each segment changed.

- Change of itinerary: fees may be charged for each part of the itinerary that has been changed, to which may be added the difference in price between the initial flight and the new flight.

Practical information to remember

- Changing a passenger's name can be more expensive than buying a new ticket.

- In the event that the price of the modified ticket is lower than the price of the initial ticket on the day the modification is made, the difference will not be refunded by the airlines.

- The costs associated with a flight change may depend on the price difference between the original ticket and the ticket on the new date and apply both in the event of a name and date change.

- Changing the starting and ending point is not allowed. It is not possible to reverse the sequence of flights.

- Changing the passenger's name is not allowed by most scheduled airlines including Ethiopian Airlines. If a name change is really necessary, it is best to contact their customer service.

- All changes and associated costs are detailed in the terms of use of the carrier from which the ticket was purchased.

- Tickets purchased in promotion or at the lowest fares or in economy class are generally non-modifiable. In the event that modifications are authorized, the costs are, most of the time, high.

- If you want to be sure that you can modify your ticket, it is preferable to choose a price which allows modifications at a lower cost.

- Any changes made to the ticket (date, itinerary, etc.) are only possible in accordance with the fare conditions applicable to this ticket, the carrier rules and the conditions of the public offer contract. Changes may not be possible for some tickets; some changes, if any, may be subject to additional charges for the benefit of the carrier and agency service charges. For more details, please refer to the pricing conditions or contact the Assistance Service.

To change your reservation made with Ethiopian Airlines, please log on to their website and access your customer area. Enter the desired dates and / or the route.

A response to your request, along with information about the conditions for modification (if any), will be set out in the comment to your request and sent to your email address. The ticket will only be changed after you meet the change conditions established by the Ethiopian national carrier.