Ethiopian Airlines Flight Status

Ethiopian Airlines allows you to follow all the planes of your choice. This radar is designed for 24 hour live tracking. Do you have a flight number? You can then follow this flight from departure to arrival. You have the possibility to follow all the flights operated by the Ethiopian company, in Africa, in Europe and in the rest of the world, you can follow them and know their status in real time (arrival, en route, delayed, canceled, ...) .

Ethiopian Airlines devotes a whole space on its website to allow its passengers to follow the status of their flights online. You can get all the information about your flight with the African company. You can follow air traffic live, whether in Ethiopia, Europe or anywhere in the world. On this page, enter the date of departure, and the airport of departure and arrival and follow your plane throughout its trajectory. Many specific features are available for each flight. You can thus control the speed, the distance of the flight, its origin and destination, as well as information on departure times and arrival.

The Ethiopian carrier also gives you the opportunity to follow the progress of your flight using your flight number only.

- Operation?
Enter the number of the flight of your choice on the aircraft tracking radar. As soon as the number is entered, the plane and its trajectory appear. You can follow the plane in real time on your computer, phone or iPad.

- What can you follow?
Every Ethiopian Airlines plane can be tracked in real time. You can follow all of the African company's traffic over any country all over the world with its online tool.

Track Ethiopian flights online

On the Ethiopian Airline website, you can always follow your favorite flight / plane in real time. Make sure you have the flight number that will allow you to track the plane from departure to arrival. You will always have the aircraft tracking radar and all the necessary information at your fingertips. You can also view information about the status of any flight on any device connected to the internet.