Ethiopian Airlines Flight Ticket Refunds: When and How?

Need to cancel your vacation? Do you have an unforeseen event and cannot take your plane? Did you miss your flight? Is your flight cancelled, delayed or overbooked? Here are our tips for getting your plane ticket refunded with Ethiopian Airlines when possible.

Passengers who have purchased a dry flight should contact the airline from which they made their purchase. Indeed, this transporter is setting up different modalities depending on their commercial policy in the face of the health crisis.
In any case, it is advisable to check in as long as the flight is maintained and you have not received any news from your operator, so as not to be the cause of the cancellation and your rights passengers are considered.

No law sets out how to cancel or refund airline tickets. You must therefore refer to the commercial contract you have entered into with the airline company, in other words the general conditions of sale.

The possibility of canceling your plane ticket depends on several factors: types of tickets, deadlines, reasons, types of flights (long-haul, regional, domestic flights, etc.). Administrative, insurance and service fees are never refundable, as are the majority of the options subscribed (choice of seat, specific meal, etc.). In general, finally know that the companies do not reimburse anything if the traveler has simply missed his flight, even if the ticket is refundable (except in Premier or in Business, depending on the company).

Which Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets can I get reimbursed for?

In the majority of cases, we cannot be reimbursed for a low-cost flight, an economy class plane ticket or a reduced price flight (special offers, promotions, first prices, etc.) which are non-cancellable, non-cancellable. refundable.
Most companies including the Ethiopian operator also offer "FLEX" tickets, even in economy class, which are changeable and can be refunded, for a fee (+ possible price difference between the two tickets in case of modification).

However, there are some exceptions, depending on the company in the event of a serious reason, for example. Left to the appreciation of the customer service of the company, the solution consists, more often than not, to obtain rather a credit note of the amount concerned to travel on the same company within a given time frame (6 months or 1 year for example).

Some airlines also offer free cancellation of the flight reservation within hours or days. Basically, it's a possibility to change your mind (an option that may also pay off).

If the ticket is refundable, you must first request the cancellation and then request a refund from the company as soon as possible. The request is sometimes made directly online, via their account on the website or by filling out a form on the company's website. Request your refund here or send your request to the following email address:
If you have booked through a merchant site other than the company, the procedures are done directly with this one (be careful, it may also incur costs).

Get a refund for your ticket with travel insurance

Offered as an option at the time of booking the flight, cancellation insurance allows you to request reimbursement of your ticket, provided that the reason for this request falls within the risks covered, which are generally limited (e.g. illness that does not exist at time of purchase, hospitalization, accident, death of a loved one, loss of employment).

A change of mind, pregnancy or professional impediment, for example are generally not among the valid reasons. Remember to consult the terms of the contract.

Get a refund in the event of a canceled flight

In case of cancellation of the flight due to the airline itself, we usually have the choice between:
- Reimbursement of the plane ticket (within 7 days);
- A ticket for a replacement flight to the intended destination.

In the latter case, the company is obliged to provide you with assistance during the wait until the next flight (drinks, food, means of communication and possibly hotel room if you have to spend the night there, transfers) .
Depending on the case and the company, you can also claim compensation for canceled, delayed (more than 3 hours) or overbooked flights. The compensation amounts meet a precise scale set by law.

Note, however, that this compensation cannot be granted in the event of exceptional circumstances (such as a major weather problem or strike outside the company, etc.) or if the company has notified you of the flight cancellation within a certain period.

Request a refund: How to do it?

Remember to keep all of your travel documents. You must then obtain a certificate of delay and then make a request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the company. The traveler may also have recourse to a specialized mediation company or to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Reimbursement of passenger tax

In all cases of cancellation, including when their ticket provided by Ethiopian Airlines is not refundable, the traveler may request reimbursement of taxes imposed by the State (passenger charge "QX") and by the airport. (“QW” airport charge) which is included in every plane ticket.

According to the regulations, the company is obliged to return it to the passenger who has not used their flight. The request must be made to the air operator, note that it takes a short time to obtain the refund.