Ethiopian Airlines launches revolutionary engine test center

In a bold move that underlines its leading position in the African market, Ethiopian Airlines recently unveiled a state-of-the-art facility: a test cell for the CFM Leap-1B engine.

A unique testing center

The new test cell, dedicated specifically to the CFM Leap-1B engines that equip the Boeing 737 MAX, will allow Ethiopian Airlines to carry out comprehensive and in-depth tests. This engine is recognized for its performance and efficiency, being a key part of the single-aisle aircraft that make up a large part of the Ethiopian Airlines fleet. With this development, the airline positions itself as the first in Africa and the Middle East to have such an infrastructure.

More than just installation

The inauguration of this test cell represents only one step in ETH’ technological expansion strategy. The carrier does not intend to stop there. In the coming months, he plans to launch an even more ambitious phase: an engine performance restoration workshop, called PRSV1.

A regional and global impact

By putting in place infrastructure of this caliber, the airline is not only strengthening its own operational capacity; it also contributes to the establishment of higher standards in aviation maintenance services throughout the region. This strategic development is likely to attract international customers seeking reliable and advanced maintenance solutions, thereby strengthening Ethiopian Airlines’ position as a key aviation hub in Africa and the Middle East.