Ethiopian Airlines plane travel: lost, delayed or damaged baggage

When traveling by plane, if any of your baggage is delayed, lost or damaged, the airline must reimburse you the amount corresponding to the cost of your parts carried on board the plane. Only checked and checked baggages are affected.

If on your arrival you notice that one of your luggages is missing, you must report it to the company with which you traveled (last flight). You can report it at the counter or sometimes on its website. The company will then launch a search for your baggage and keep you informed of its results.

If the baggage is found, Ethiopian Airlines can offer to deliver your baggage to the address mentioned in the complaint if this is provided for, for example, in its general conditions of sale or transport.

Baggage lost by Ethiopian Airlines, how can I be reimbursed?

The pure and simple disappearance of checked baggage in the hold is a relatively exceptional situation but highly detrimental for the passenger. You are presented with your rights when this air carrier loses your baggage and you are explained the procedure to follow to claim and be compensated.

In all cases, you can file a written complaint with your carrier, preferably by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The time limit starts from the date the baggage should have arrived. Make your claim here. Accompany your request with photocopies of supporting documents (for example, photos of damaged luggage, invoices for your goods).

This information is indicated on your plane ticket. If it is not, contact the airline to find out.

When a piece of baggage considered is lost?

As your checked baggage did not arrive at the same time as you at its destination, you have normally established a Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR) with the "baggage service" at the airport. At this point, the delivery of your part is only delayed. The airline is doing everything it can to find it and return it to you as soon as possible.

As a rule, companies officially and automatically admit the permanent loss of baggage after 21 days of unsuccessful searches. However, some provide for a longer period, information to be verified on a case-by-case basis when the legislative framework does not prohibit the practice. It is only after this time has elapsed that you can replace all of your goods and personal effects lost by the carrier and demand reimbursement.

Your claim for compensation must be quantified and justified, for both material and moral damage. Attach to your complaint (copies if possible): the baggage tag; your boarding pass and a detailed inventory of all lost property, contents and container, specifying the individual value of each item. Invoices and other proof of purchase of lost and / or replaced goods, including essential items acquired while waiting for the baggage.

If your baggage goes missing on a trip involving connecting flights from several different airlines, you can claim with the first or last carrier on the route. For codeshare flights, you can enter the commercial company or the operating company. All are jointly held responsible.

Some companies have better after-sales service than others. In the event of difficulty in being compensated by a carrier, it may prove effective to take action against the joint and several colleagues. No company is supposed to refer you back to each other, they have to match each other.

In the event of refusal of compensation following the loss of baggage, you have the same period of 2 years from your arrival at your destination to take legal action. The competent courts are those of the head office of the carrier, the principal place of business, of the place where it has an establishment through which the plane ticket was purchased or of the place of destination.

Hence the advantage of choosing the right targets in the event of multiple carriers to have the dispute settled by one court rather than another if necessary.

Practical advice for travelers

Always keep the supporting documents for all documents relating to your trip (reservation and / or electronic ticket; all boarding cards, in particular in the event of re-routing; certificate relating to an incident provided by the carrier; baggage tags, baggage tag; receipts justifying expenses incurred, ...

Claim for compensation following a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking ?

Ethiopian Airlines is sometimes required to compensate you by carrying you late to your destination, canceling your trip on its plane, or denying you boarding due to overbooking.

All flights departing from airports located in the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden), Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, operated by Ethiopian Airlines are eligible for compensation, regardless of the destination of the flight.