Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine Lounge: enjoy absolute comfort before your departure

The Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine lounge is a space that allows travelers at Addis Ababa Airport to wait for their flight in more comfortable conditions than conventional waiting areas at the boarding gates.

This space rented by Ethiopian Airlines is made available to its customers finding comfortable armchairs, unlimited wifi, a buffet (the quality is very uneven depending on the lounges, it can be a real feast or a very minimalist snack), screens displaying entertainment programs, and flight information screens, ...

In the same way that luxury hotels strive to satisfy, charm or amaze its prestigious customers, Ethiopian Airlines today competes in creativity to design one of the most beautiful airport lounges, the Cloud Nine. A place that you would no doubt like to be able to discover but which, most of the time, is reserved for privileged customers. Enter a high-level decoration dimension and discover what is hidden behind these lounges where VIPs meet.

Once a simple place of passage, the Cloud Nine lounge has become much more than a rest or working area in Addis Ababa Bole airport. Minimalist and design in the past, their aesthetics have gradually evolved to make way for comfortable and luxurious spaces. Reserved for the most part for business clients, it offers a full range of services and unprecedented comfort to stand out. Thus, it offers transit passengers a privileged stopover allowing them both to relax and to live a unique experience. The big names in interior architecture and design are even asked by the national company of Ethiopia to design the new strongholds that constitute this show in the universe of travel and business.

The national airline has provided you with an overview of some of the most tastefully decorated lounges around the world. Embark on a decorative journey to meet the most beautiful architectural spaces in airports. From Addis Ababa to New York, via Paris, discover one of the most airport lounges in Africa.

Treat yourself to optimal comfort before your departure

This lounge is only accessible to passengers reserving seats in the Cloud Nine cabin, as well as travelers with Gold and Platinum cards from the ShebaMiles loyalty program. They can wait for their flight in comfortable conditions, away from the frenzy and noise of the terminal.

This operator's Business Class lounge, located in the lobby of Terminal 2 of Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, offers exceptional comfort and service to premium customers. With safety and health measures in place, customers can relax, enjoy flavors from around the world, and catch up on their next flight. It has also gradually relaunched its famous pre-pandemic offerings such as full catering services, quiet areas, and many other experiences.

Ethiopian Airlines’s Cloud Nine is arguably the best airport lounge in Africa. At the time, the African airline made no secret of its intention to open a suite at the airport in Ethiopia's capital, which is its main hub. This is now the case with the Cloud Nine lounge.

This suite is only accessible to passengers who hold tickets issued for Business Class or those who have achieved Gold and Platinum status in the ShebaMiles reward program.

Therefore, it is not possible to access this suite with an award ticket, or in Economy or Economy Class. No credit card or even a high level of status allows access to this lounge.

The Cloud Nine Lounge: Enjoy a relaxing experience before departure

The materials chosen to constitute this lounge underline the distinguished and refined image that the airline wishes to convey to Business class travelers.

The Vancouver Signature Suite covers an area of approximately 442 square meters. 30 passengers can access it simultaneously.

Meals can be made via table service. For this, numerous tables are arranged in the Signature Suite, more reminiscent of an upscale restaurant than an airport lounge. They are served free of charge, in addition to the buffet available throughout the day.

The Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine Lounge is an excellent, exclusive and distinguished product for business travelers. Offering this type of refined service allows this company to stand out from other African carriers, and gradually erode market share in the business sector.