Ethiopian Airlines prepares the arrival of five new aircraft

Ethiopian Airlines is preparing its expansion with the upcoming integration of five new aircraft into its already impressive fleet. Three Boeing 737 Max and two Boeing 777 cargo planes are the latest additions expected by the end of the current year.

This announcement comes after the mega order made by the Ethiopian company during the air show held in Dubai last November. The African operator then unveiled ambitious plans by reserving a large number of devices which should be delivered by 2025.

The new Boeing 737 Max aircraft acquired by Ethiopian Airlines will strengthen its fleet with their modern features and operational efficiency. These aircraft are known for their improved fuel economy and advanced technologies that improve passenger safety and comfort.

In addition, the Ethiopian carrier will consolidate its cargo transport capacity with the addition of two Boeing 777 cargo planes. These aircraft, known for their significant cargo capacity and increased autonomy, will enable the company to meet the growing demand of the logistics and freight transport sector.