Ethiopian Airlines: Book online and choose a seat

Ethiopian gives you the opportunity to choose your seat on the plane
The Ethiopian national company has been founded for over sixty ten years and operated its first flight the following year between Addis Ababa and Cairo. It has continued to develop since then, both on its home network but above all internationally. Based at Bolé International Airport in Addis Ababa, a true hub between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, it operates a fleet of 80 aircraft, mainly Boeings.

Ethiopian Airlines serves 19 domestic destinations and 95 around the world. It is notably present in France in Paris. The Ethiopian company is also part of the Star Alliance and has signed codeshare agreements with many companies such as Air Canada, Oman Air and United Airlines. On the Ethiopian airline's website, you can book a plane ticket and choose your seat on the plane deployed on your route.

You can also select: type of flight (one way, round trip, multi-destination); city (ies) of departure and city (s) of arrival; date (s) of travel; Number of passengers. Click on "Search". Among the flights offered, select the offer that best suits you and click on "Select". Then, enter the details of each passenger and proceed to the payment of the ticket.

Do you prefer to sit in the first row, next to the window or near the exit door?

You can access the summary of your order in the Manage my reservation section. Information about your reservation will also be emailed to you.

The itinerary receipt with the electronic ticket number will serve as confirmation of ticket purchase. You will receive it by e-mail. You can also download the electronic version of your itinerary receipt in the Manage my Reservation section or in your e-mail box. Now choose your seat on the Ethiopian Airlines plane, to be comfortable on the plane, you can choose your preferred seat: near the window, at the front of the plane, or at emergency exits for more legroom.

The online seat reservation service is available from the African operator. To reserve and select a seat of your choice, you will need your reservation number and your departure date. Always remember to check in before the flight. You can do this online or at the airline counter at the departure airport.

A seat reservation is not possible if you are traveling in a wheelchair or are immobilized or if you need supplemental oxygen on board, or if you have a pet in the cabin, or if the seat is reserved for a child traveling alone on board whose age is between 5 and 14 years. What prices can you expect to book a seat on an Ethiopian Airlines plane?

Whether it's to be next to the window, to have more legroom or to be closer to the door to quickly get out of the aircraft, there are many reasons for wanting to reserve a seat on the plane. If the prices displayed by this operator are often low, they can quickly increase with additional options and services.

However, the prices of the best seats remain accessible. Thus, it takes up to 1,424 Birr (30 euros) to have extra legroom, sometimes the same price as the plane ticket. The cost of choosing a seat can vary more with traditional airlines, since they offer short, medium and long haul. With Ethiopian Airlines to travel in a comfortable seat on a short-haul, you have to pay 10 euros more and 30 euros on an intercontinental flight.