Ethiopian Airlines: 78 years of flying above the clouds

In a festive spirit marking its seventy-eighth anniversary, Ethiopian Airlines organized a special flight from its hub in Addis Ababa to Cairo Airport. The event was enhanced by the exceptional presence of leading figures from the company, including Mesfin Tassew, CEO of the group, and Lemma Yadecha, commercial director.

Management’s commitment was not limited to symbolic participation; the leaders of the African airline were personally involved in the on-board service, transforming this flight into a memorable experience for passengers. These were greeted with personalized messages of good wishes.
Additionally, as a gesture of gratitude, free Wi-Fi was offered to all passengers during the flight.

Since its creation, Ethiopian Airlines has established itself as a true pioneer in the African sky, illustrating through its initiatives and its expansion that the sky is truly limitless. This anniversary flight is not only a celebration of a venerable age but also a demonstration of the airline’s long-term vision to connect Africa to the rest of the world.