Camair-Co plans to acquire a Boeing from Ethiopian Airlines

In a strategic move to modernize and expand its fleet, Camair-Co, the national airline of Cameroon, is setting its sights on a new aircraft belonging to Ethiopian Airlines. This initiative is part of an ambitious development and expansion plan, with potential financing from the Equatorial Guinean bank, Bange Bank.

Currently with six aircraft, Camair-Co is seeking to strengthen its presence on both the regional and international markets. The acquisition of this aircraft (Boeing) from the Ethiopian company would mark a significant step in achieving this objective. However, the financial details of this transaction, including the purchase amount of the aircraft, remain unknown at this time.

This approach reflects Camair-Co’s desire to equip itself with the necessary means to explore new horizons and serve a wider range of destinations. Fleet modernization is essential to improve operational efficiency and provide an enhanced travel experience for passengers. The addition of an aircraft of the stature of a Boeing, with its proven performance and reliability, represents a considerable opportunity for the company.

The interest of the Cameroonian national airline in an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft also demonstrates recognition of the quality and prestige associated with the Ethiopian fleet.