Ethiopian Airlines Cargo launches service between Addis Ababa and Casablanca

Ethiopian Airlines is celebrating the imminent inauguration of its very first cargo flight to Morocco, announcing a new connection between Addis Ababa and Casablanca, the airline’s first foray into North Africa and its thirty-fourth global destination.

The exact date of the inaugural flight remains shrouded in mystery for the moment, but this initiative promises to consolidate economic relations between Ethiopia and Morocco. It also aims to optimize logistics solutions for the transport of goods in this booming region.

During the 2022/2023 financial year, Ethiopian Airlines established a remarkable performance by carrying an impressive 723,000 tonnes of cargo, earning the prestigious title of best cargo carrier in Africa for the current year.

The sustained expansion of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo’s fleet and routes demonstrates the dynamic growth of the airline industry in Africa. It also reinforces the company’s predominant position as the undisputed leader in freight transport on the continent.