Ethiopian Airlines online check-in: A quick solution to get your boarding pass

Online check-in is the method of checking in for your flight on the airline's website or mobile app, before arriving at the airport. Online check-in services are open 24/7, but you can only check-in online when the service is available for your flight.

When to check in online?

Each airline has its own online check-in policy, but in general, passengers can check-in between 48 hours and 90 minutes before their flight departs. Some airlines only allow you to check in from 24 hours before your flight departs.

Here's when you can check-in online with Ethiopian Airlines: Find out the deadline

The Ethiopian carrier allows you to check-in online between 36 hours and 2 hours before your flight departs.

If you buy tickets from popular airlines like Ethiopian Airlines, it is always advisable to check in remotely (on the web), as doing this at the airport is more expensive.

What is registration and why should it be done?

Each passenger must be in possession of a boarding pass (the ticket itself does not give them the right to board!), Which is generated during check-in, in order to be able to board the plane. There are two ways to do this:

On the internet: using the online form, you must enter the required data, and after generating the boarding pass, print it out and take it with you to the airport (you can read online check-in details later in this article).

At the airport, at the air ticket and baggage check-in counter or at the automatic check-in counter (machine), the boarding pass is printed by an airline employee or by the machine.

For each passenger, there is a boarding pass filled with data. The extent of this data is determined by the airline. In addition, the required data may vary depending on the route, which is linked to the visa requirement set by the country of arrival. Normally, when checking in, you must provide your first and last name, as well as the type, number and series of travel documents (identity card, passport), and additional data such as country and date issuance and expiration of the document.

This is particularly important because the compatibility of boarding pass data and documents is checked during security checks. In case of discrepancy between the data mentioned above, the passenger will be sent back during the control. In addition, during check-in, seats are allocated on the aircraft - this information is contained on the boarding pass.

Is it necessary to provide data when registering?

Indeed, when booking a plane ticket with Ethiopian Airlines, the name of the passengers, their date of birth and their contact details are required. The boarding pass contains much more detailed information due to current security requirements.

In addition, during the period between the purchase of the ticket and the flight itself, the required data may change (for example, the passport may expire and a new document with a different series and number will be issued). For this reason, check-in is done either directly before departure or, in the case of the online option, a few days before the aircraft take off.

Please note, each passenger must have their boarding pass filled in with the required data and an identity document, which will confirm the accuracy of the data.

When does Ethiopian Airlines start this service?

When check-in starts and closes is determined individually by each airline. For example, the national operator of Ethiopia allows you to check in your flights from 30 hours and up to two hours before departure.

Do you have to print your boarding pass?

Yes, due to Ethiopian Airlines airline requirements, the generated boarding pass must be printed. You can print the card immediately after receiving the email or save it to your mobile and print it later.

You have to do this before approaching the baggage check-in and passport control or airport security counter! The printed card and the identity document used for check-in must be taken to the airport. If you don't have this document with you, you will have to pay a high fine, and in extreme cases, you will not be able to board the plane.

Unable to register? What to do?

Check if a new flight schedule and check-in link has been sent to your email address.

If your booking is for a larger group, do not check in more than a few passengers at a time. If there are too many, the session duration may end when you enter passenger data. This is related to the security of your data.

Changes after flight check-in

After you check in online, Ethiopian Airlines allow you to change your flight date or passenger name. In addition, this additional service is payable per passenger and per flight, according to the rates charged by the airline. Once the ticket is opened, passengers can make changes in accordance with airline regulations. There are limits as to how long such a change can be made.

Passengers traveling with checked baggage are not exempt from the obligation to check baggage at the airport.