Somaliland holds stake in Ethiopian Airlines after government deal

In a strategically significant move, Ethiopia struck a deal with Somaliland, exchanging maritime access for a share in Ethiopian Airlines. Confirmation of this agreement was made by Redwan Hussein, national security adviser to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and was broadcast by Bloomberg. Muse Bihe Abdi, the president of Somaliland, and Abiy Ahmed signed a treaty granting Ethiopia a 50-year lease of a 20-kilometer stretch of the Gulf of Aden coast for commercial and military purposes.

This treaty has mutual benefits. On the one hand, Ethiopia gains crucial access to the sea, strengthening its economic and strategic influence. On the other hand, Somaliland, strategically placed in the Horn of Africa, is increasing its international connections and with the African continent through its involvement in Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines continues its expansion plan in Europe

The leading airline in Africa is actively pursuing its ambitious expansion plan on the European continent. In this context, the company has just announced the relaunch of its flights to the capital of Spain, marking a significant step in its international growth strategy.