Ethiopia opens its skies to charter operators

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has formalized its approval for charter operators to operate private flights for the transportation of passengers and cargo within the country. Until now, Ethiopian Airlines has served as the main pillar for air transportation in Ethiopia, but other players such as Abyssinia Flight Services, Aquarius Aviation,… Read More »

Addis Ababa: The capital of Ethiopia will have a new airport

Addis Ababa is set to achieve another milestone in the aviation sector with the confirmation of plans for a new airport. Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, officially announced the initiative during a speech at the Aviation Club of the United Kingdom, dispelling rumors that had been circulating until then. The new airport will be… Read More »

Air Algerie plans to open a direct line between Algiers and Addis Ababa

The airline Air Algérie plans to open a dicert line to serve Ethiopia. The national air carrier is barely regaining its pre-health crisis pace and is also discussing several opportunities to capture new African air markets. Air Algérie has announced its intention to soon open direct flights to Addis Ababa from Algiers-Houari Boumdien, the airport… Read More »