Ethiopia opens its skies to charter operators

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has formalized its approval for charter operators to operate private flights for the transportation of passengers and cargo within the country.

Until now, Ethiopian Airlines has served as the main pillar for air transportation in Ethiopia, but other players such as Abyssinia Flight Services, Aquarius Aviation, East African Aviation, Midroc Aviation, and National Airways have also played key roles in the country’s aviation ecosystem. The opening of the market to charter operators aims to inject new dynamics into this sector.

The authorization granted aims for several strategic objectives. First, it intends to stimulate private investment in the aviation sector, which is crucial for the modernization and expansion of airport infrastructure in Ethiopia. Furthermore, this initiative is intended to increase air transport capacity within the country, thereby providing better connectivity for passengers and cargo.

Another notable objective is to promote tourism, a vital sector for the Ethiopian economy. By making it easier to access previously hard-to-reach destinations, Ethiopia hopes to attract more international visitors while encouraging domestic tourism.