Find a cheap Ethiopian Airlines flight?

It is the wish of every passenger, to pay the least amount of money that costs the most in every traveller's budget.
Not easy, of course. However, there is still a method to follow to find the cheapest flight. Do you still need to remember it? The commission fees will of course be lower by booking online than with a physical agency. On the other hand, it is certain that you will not get the personalized advice of an agency.

On the Ethiopian airline's website, you have a good chance of finding a flight offered at a good price. The African carrier gives you the opportunity to compare the prices of its flight tickets on its various routes, and offers interesting options such as choosing a flight with or without stopover, a map to see the destinations according to their price. In addition, it is easier to find the best price according to the day. The search tool on its site is generally very user-friendly.

For medium and long haul, online research is really effective. Your best bet is to do your research on the official website of the African company, and then look for the best result.

Anticipate and buy flight ticket in advance online
In theory, your best bet is to book at least two months in advance. This is the best way to get a better price, or the last time you can find a promotional offer.

Do you prefer to travel in off-peak periods with Ethiopian Airlines?
Summer is often the most expensive time to buy a plane ticket. And January February appears, on the contrary, to be the most favourable period. Ditto if you avoid public holidays and school vacation periods. Plus you'll avoid the crowds.

No hidden costs, everything is transparent

It’s annoying, the price that goes up at the end because there are hidden costs added: bank charges and others. In addition, often, on flight comparators, the price is different once on the site. But by booking directly on the Ethiopian Airlines website, that never happens: the price displayed does not change. Plus, you get real customer service in the event of a problem, with someone speaking in your language, not a remote call center. It's responsive customer service with customer relationship specialists to take care of you in case of any concerns.

By doing a search by selecting as destination everywhere or flexible you will find a list of all the cheap destinations available from your nearest airport (or the one of your choice). Useful when you have a small budget but don't know where to go at that price!

Are you flexible on your travel dates and want to find a cheap flight Enter your destination and select all month to view the cheapest airline tickets for a particular month. Want to leave when the flights are the most interesting, any time Choose Cheapest month after selecting your destination and you will find the cheapest flights for the whole year!

Book at the right time

Finding a cheap flight is also a question of organization. For example, if you are going to Corsica in May, it is better to book as early as October if you want to get a cheap flight. Between fall and April, ticket prices can simply double. If you plan to leave in two years, make a comparison this year of the evolution of the price of the plane ticket, you will see, depending on your destination, when it is best to book.